SwiftKB can help you

reduce your support queries enhance your KB search offload your knowledge base maintenance reduce your support costs search your knowledge base faster segregate your knowledge base

  • Reduce your support queries
  • Enhance your KB search
  • Offload your knowledge base maintenance
  • Reduce your support costs
  • Search your knowledge base faster
  • Segregate your knowledge base

Building and maintaining your knowledge base may be a tedious process. We have simplified this for you! With Swift Knowledge Base software, you can start building your knowledge base in under 5 minutes.


Easily create an attractive and slick knowledge base matching your site's layout


Deliver enhanced search experience to your knowledge base visitors with "Intelligent Swift Search"


With few simple steps you can design a superior knowledge base or have our experts do it for you.


Provide your visitors with a responsive knowledge base site easily accessible with any device.

Intelligent Swift Search

Searching your knowledge base was never so easy and fast. Our Intelligent Swift Search enables your users to search and find answers they are looking for instantly.

  • Swift Search

    Provide your users matching search results instantaneously as they type

  • Less Support Mails

    Got customers who do not want to search the knowledge base.. No problem!!! Matching results from your knowledge base will be displayed beside the question in the contact us form as the user types, thus reducing number of support emails.

  • Very Flexible

    Easy to setup and ease of use for your internal and external users.


External Knowledge Base

Create valuable knowledge resources through External Knowledge Base. Strong and effective external knowledge base will not only help retain your customer base but also help you to reduce number of disgruntled customers.

  • Audience

    Primary audience for external knowledge base are your customers or site visitors.

  • Advantages

    Innovative design and Intelligent Swift Search helps your customers with reliable and easy to use knowledge base. See instantaneous reduction in support emails thereby reducing customer support costs.

  • Very Flexible

    Our system is very flexible and helps to quickly turn around customer questions to knowledge base articles. Thus you have an up to date knowledge base at all times.


Internal Knowledge Base

Internal knowledge base is considered as a strategic resource for any organization. Build and manage your internal knowledge base with little or no effort.

  • Audience

    For your team, by your team and of your team. Internal knowledge base feature helps teams manage and share knowledge base efficiently within them.

  • Advantages

    Internal knowledge acquisition, content creation and collaboration platform for your team. Securely hide content from your customers and site visitors.

  • Very Flexible

    Achieve transformation and propagation of knowledge across the teams and the organization.


Advanced Analytics

Powerful analytical tool will help your team to measure and improve performance of your knowledge base.

  • Keep your knowledge base current

    Get weekly insight and suggestions to improve your knowledge base performance.

  • Weekly Reports

    Get weekly analytic reports on useful information and statistics regarding your knowledge base.

  • Essential Reports

    Get insights on your knowledge base through the advanced analytical reports and ensure the system is running at maximum efficiency!


Customization & Support

We do not believe in putting hold to your imagination. You can easily customize your knowledge base. And, if you want us to do the customization for you, we will be happy to help! It is all part of the deal.


    Create knowledge base article automatically by sending email to SwiftKB's support mailbox.

  • Responsive Templates

    Create your own responsive knowledge base templates or choose from ours. We regularly add new templates to our inventory.

  • Very Flexible

    As part of your subscription you have access to our support team who will create, update and maintain your knowledge base.



Being able to effectively communicate is crucial to your business. Through our knowledge base we provide you a strongest tool to bridge the gap between your customers and your knowledge base. Swift knowledge base has the ability to support 29 different languages.

  • Localization

    Build your knowledge base in "languages" of your choice.

  • Easy Switch

    Switch easily between enabled languages of your knowledge base.

  • Right to Left

    Right to Left language is also supported for your knowledge base.

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14 days of free trial for you to get accustomed. And remember we are always there to customize your knowledge base software if you need...